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Thread Boards™ 2.0 (Beta)

The World's Most Practical 3D Print.

Organize anything with our innovative 3D printable threaded peg boards:

"The world's most practical 3D print, now even better." | "3D Printer Academy's most popular STL designs."

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Thread Boards

Thread Boards helps you organize your stuff in a fun and easy way. Think of it as a super cool peg board that you can hang on your wall. With Thread Boards, you can easily store all your things in one place and find them whenever you need them. Thread Boards is back and better than ever before with tons of new designs and features.

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Thread Boards Reviews:

Charles on July 2, 2024

I am beyond blown away by the quality and scope of this product. I have been printing parts non-stop since getting access two days ago. This product is superior to others on the market and the possibilities are endless. The "user builds" have been extremely helpful as I plan out my projects and I would love to see a way to easily share and comment on what everyone is doing, perhaps a FB group. Thank you!

Crystal on June 10, 2024

It's easy to view something like this as a "garage tool" storage but I've found it so practical for so many more uses. If you have a small business, you absolutely need Thread Boards. I've saved so much space in my workspace by adding Thread Boards above my desks for packing supplies, art tools, and completed stock. Everything I need is right there and easy to find, and packing orders is fun again! I looked at different options, and Thread Boards offered the most versatility and variety. My entire office now has customized storage that works for me, making an artist's dream space a reality.

Joel on June 12, 2024

Thread boards are easily in my top three Kickstarter purchases ever. You get SO MUCH for such a small investment. I highly recommend it!

Bob Ward on Jan 27, 2024

Amazing 3D Printed Peg Board Design! With my new Prusa XL and an older Adventure 4 I started printing 7x9 panels. I planned on making a 3 x 4 panel array but just got carried away and ended up filling up the wall. With 70 orange panels and a large selection of black utility boxes, the color combination and utility of the project made it a talking point for those visiting my workspace. I did add a 3-lift marble run which would be far more impressive if the motors were not so loud. if anyone has any suggestion for a quieter solution I would love to see it posted here. otherwise, I have absolutely no complaints with the design other than I want more of everything including more complex marble gadgets and more storage options (e.g. drill bit and electric screwdriver bit holder.) thank you for another great project."

Ryan Farmer on Jul 30, 2023

Worth the money vs the Free ones. I have tried the free ones and these. These are WAY better than any others and not done in a couple hours. These are very much "plug and print".

Matt on Jul 21, 2023

Thread Boards is awesome! lots of applications and am printing it out now!!!

Antoine on Jul 20, 2023

There is a secret sauce in those STL! just got my files. Have been printing large size board on a standard ender 3v2... and so far super impressed. there must be a secret sauce in those stl as i have never been printing such large print covering almost all my build plate without any of the usual problems. Keep printing !

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